New Plan - New Target

Because no one seems to be against a new date
and a new target for a new campaign.

Because fans are still waiting for new actions,

Because we need a small delay to finish the press kits,

Because Bonnie Hammer and USA Network are
just ignoring their most loyal viewers and the 4400 fans,

Because we had no official explanation about the cancellation and
about all the comcerns we are claiming since 18th december 2007,

we, fans of the 4400, will launch a new seeds campaign to :

Jeff Zucker

president and chief executive officer
of the NBC/Universal TV group
that owns USA Network !

When ?
17th April 2008 (date of shipping)

Where :
JEFF ZUCKER / NBC Universal Inc
30 Rockefeller Plz
New York, NY 10112
United States

If you wish to contact him directly then call : 212-664-2830
or drop an email to

Now the message is out, the news must be spread ! Time has come for action !!!

New Plan...

Pablo has come up with a new idea to keep The 4400 spirit alive, we've all done the seeds and we continue to do so however so far we've had no response. The time has come for a new course of action!!

Click for More Info

The general idea is that we are to contact everyone we can think of that may be important/influentual in the media - so magazines, TV shows, head of networks etc

The more noise we can make the better.

Save The 4400 - Keep the movement alive.

Mass Mailing Today!!!

It's time for another mass mailing of seeds, so send your own to:

Bonnie Hammer
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York
NY 10112
tel no: 212-413-5577

or head over to:

and let them do the work for you.

So far we've shipped over 6,000 bags and that's just the ones we know about through Giant Seeds!

Remember for all information about the movement.

February 20th (Mass Mailing)

With over 5,000 bags of seeds now shipped by Giant Seeds alone to the Network we need to keep the ball rolling, another date has been decided for everyone to send on, if we all do it together on the same day it makes more impact.

The date is February 20th.

Please please send more letters/petitions and as many more seeds as you can!!

Giant Seeds is the place to get them.

Feb 1st (Today)

Is the day we've been waiting for, today the campaign really starts (all the efforts so far have been amazing though), today is the day when we ALL need to send our letter/seeds/petition - we need them all to go out on the same day for maximum impact, so if you have something to send please do it today.

Don't forget to order that case of seeds as well!

Order here.


Is the big day, everybody send their letters, petitions and/or seeds tomorrow!!

Again the amazing Giant Seeds are helping us out, they have now offered a whole case of seeds for only $20!! Next shipment goes out tomorrow as well.

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds.

3 days to go...

That's right, 3 days until ship our mass seeds to the network so get buying :)

Remember the seeds get shipped on the 28th January so remember to buy before then.

Also don't forget to write your letters and petition (which now has over 10,000 signatures) print outs to send on Feb 1st.

The time is almost upon us.


The amazing people at have agreed to help our campaign and have set up a page for us on their site, they are offering free shipping if you ship directly to the USA Network :)

Please spread the word and get everyone to buy their seeds at GIANT SEEDS.

Save The 4400 - Giant Seeds

When purchasing (they also allow PayPal) please ship to the USA Network address:

Bonnie Hammer
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York
NY 10112

tel no: 212-413-5577